Ein Brief von Joana, Austauschschülerin aus Sao Paolo

Guten Tag!
I am Joana Cavenaghi, I am Brazilian and I live in São Paulo city. So, I am doing an exchange program here in Gladbeck and my exchange student at Heisenberg-Gymnasium is Josephine Kretauer. Unfortunately, I am staying here in Germany for only 2 months and I wish I could stay for a longer time. Nevertheless, my experience here was speechless; every pupil and teacher here at Heisenberg-Gymnasium was always kind to me and also helpful, so I am really grateful for what they have done for me. I have made some friends here as well that I am going to miss very much when I come back to my country.

German life is quite different than the Brazilian one, for example Germans always use to be on time and always count the minutes, this is not how it works in Brazil. In addition, the weather here is really different than the Brazilian one, especially in winter, where it can be 0 degrees or even lower, while in Brazil our winter is between 15 and 20 degrees (sometimes it can be 10/12 degrees as well). The meals here are also different than the Brazilian ones; Germans use to eat a lot more bread and pasta than the Brazilians, but this is not a real problem as I enjoyed the German food. The landscape is another difference between Germany and Brazil, here it is a little bit more organized sometimes, and the houses are also different (the majority of the houses here has only one or two big bathrooms, while in Brazilians houses usually have one bathroom per room.
To sum up, my time here was amazing and I am really thankful for it. I hope that someday I can come back.
Joana Lupatin Cavenaghi

Joana Josephine Bild 



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